Jumpin’ Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones) ~ #Keebstunes – Ukulele Cover

Here is a song that assures everyone in the house is up and off their Duff and dancing. This song is a must have in any musicians set list. And it is putting Tim and Myself through our paces.
The way we end this performance shows what a well oil machine Tim and I have become while drawing from our years/decades of professional musicianship.

Undoubtedly this is the Stones most popular and recognizable song. It has been featured in multiple movie scores and covered by numerous performers.
Today it is the band most perform song as the band has played it over 1,100 times in concert.

Here is our ukulele cover of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” written by Muck Jagger & Kieth Richards in 1968.

Chords used in this song are;
Intro/Verse A G
Chorus C G D A

The ukulele used in this video is my solid body Vorson, Les Paul Style, flamed maple finish. Model FLPUK 2FM. Tenor size. Steel strings.
Amplifier used in this video is my Roland Micro Cube GX 3 Watts!

No ukuleles were harmed during the filming of this video

You only live once and life is oh so short.
Live Full Die Empty.
We are the makers of music, we are the dreamers of dreams.
Feed your head.

Enjoy my friends

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